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Creating An Event


→ What is your inspiration for the event? 
→ What type of experience are you hoping to create?
→ What do you want to accomplish?


→ Research the area, opportunities, local charities, other events that may conflict or opportunities to connect.


→ Identify your W5: who, what, where, when, and why.
→ Identify connections you can/have made and how you build your network to help make your event successful


→ How do you determine the lead person for the event? 
→ How do you divide tasks?
→ How do you communicate with each other?
→ How do you promote the event?
→ How do people sign up, etc?
→ What will you need on the day of the event?


→ Run the event!

Celebrate and Valuate

→ Celebrate the success of the event and those who came out to support it
→ Share pictures*
→ Thank participants and the organizations involved
→ Let everyone know what you accomplished together
→ Encourage connections

*Tag Earp It Forward  on social media, so we can help you share your photos with the larger community. Also let us know if we can share your pictures on Twitter, Instagram, other social media or use them in other Earp It Forward projects. Crediting our community is important to us.

Reel Culture is a boutique consulting firm focused on building safe and inclusive work cultures in the film and television industry. 


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