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You might have seen the Earper Spotlights on our Tumblr page. We are now featuring the spotlights here on our website. In case you missed the last one, here is the Earper Spotlight on @EarperQueen.

My little sister, Jillian, is probably the most thoughtful and creative person that I know. She is hard-working, generous, stubborn in a good way, and always willing to help out however she can. Back in the beginning of December of 2018, Jillian told me about this awesome organization called “The Rainbow Cards Project”. This project sends holiday and celebratory cards to LGBTQIA+ youth who might not receive cards. It’s an awesome organization for such a great cause. I remember Jillian immediately texted me saying we should make some cards.

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A follow-up to the Bowling Fundraiser at EH Con! See how much you all helped raise for Sistering!

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